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Adoption Event/Tzu Review on Saturday, Nov., 22, 11-2 at Euless Petsmart

As always, we have some terrific dogs that are looking for love and companionship. Come on out to Euless Petsmart and let us find just the right match for you. Our dogs are fostered in individual foster homes and treated like one of the family. Why is this important to you? It's important because like humans, every dog has their own personality, habits, quirks, and needs. We are then able to make the best possible matches for our adopters. We tell you everything we know about a dog as we don't want you to be surprised or disappointed. We want you to be happy with your Tzu or Lhasa, as well as them being happy with you and your home.

Any size donation will help save a homeless dog.

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We have tzus and other friends that are ready to melt your heart.

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Come meet our wonderful furry friends and see who captures your heart.